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Wokingham Commercial Waste Service

What does tidy mean to you?

To a lot of people ‘tidy’ gives the impression of a commercial enterprise who is organised, clean, professional and take health and safety seriously, therefore you will know that it is important to keep your work place clear of rubbish. The All Rubbish Collected 4U Wokingham Service team therefore can act quickly to your call to have your rubbish removed and can work at a time that suits your needs.

What businesses do we work for?

All Rubbish Collected 4U has worked for many different types of professions, our customers in Wokingham and surrounding areas include Builders, Offices, Gardeners, Pubs/Bars, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Estate Agents, Landlords and Retail Outlets.

We are happy to work for any business whether it’s a big corporate brand or a small one man band, so why not  Contact Us.

Does it have to be regular contract work?

All Rubbish Collected 4U Wokingham Commercial team always welcome regular contract work, in fact we will offer a discount for regular contract work but we are just as happy to accept one off jobs as well.

What types of waste do we take?

We will take all sorts of waste including but not exclusively:

  • Builders Waste
  • Plaster Board
  • Food Waste
  • Furniture
  • Office Equipment
  • Garden Waste
  • Cardboard and Packaging
  • Plumbers waste
  • Rental House Clearance

There is very little we will not take but there are a few, these are mainly

  • Asbestos
  •  Biological or medical waste
  •  Toxic substances

How do you know that your rubbish has been disposed of responsibly?

We are licensed by the Environment Agency and will provide you with a waste transfer note at collection. We will wherever possible recycle your rubbish and only take the bare minimum to licensed landfill sites.

Call 0118 343 6396 or 078 180 33625 to discuss your commercial waste needs.

Commercial Waste

Commercial Waste